Apr 1, 2009

BT Reading Comprehension

Flood in Dorchester

Dorchester, September 13
.....(1) six o'clock yesterday morning, the River Thames burst its bank and flooded a wide area. By nine o'clock the floods had reached the town of Dorchester.The main street was soon...(2) 3 feet of water. Fire engines arrived quickly to pump away the water, but heavy rain made their job very...(3)

Mrs Rose Willow, a...(4)nearly 80 years old, and living alone in her cottage, was trapped upstairs...(5) three hours. Finally, firemen were able to rescue her with ladders and a small...(6)."My cat, Tibbies, stayed with me all the time," said Mrs Willow. "She...(7)me a lot.She sat with me,so I didn't feel afraid."

The rain has finally stopped, the river level is falling and the weather forecast is good,...(8) the floods have done a great deal of damage. "Luckily, nobody was...(9) or injured," Chief Fire Office Hawkins...(10) reporters,"but it will take a long time to clear up the mess."

1.A.In B.To. C.At D.Until
2.A.over B.under C.through D.between
3.A.easy B.difficult C.quick D.clean
4.A.girl B.man C.lady D.child
5.A.for B.during C.while D.through
6.A.ship B.boat C.car D.bike
7.A.worried B.frightened C.bored D.helped
8.A.but B.also C.therefore D.so
9.A.burnt B.cut C.scratched D.drowned
10.A.said B.asked C.told D.spoke

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